The value of a grill is based not only on its cost. Value is a combination of features, design, functionality, technological solutions, quality of materials and price.


Best natural gas grills under $500 Business Model Generation
What is the Best natural gas grills under $500 - 2022 review


Durability, reliability of a design. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the best natural gas grills under 500. On the picture on the Internet, any grill, even the cheapest, will look amazing. However, the quality of construction is what separates high-tech grills from those that will have to be replaced after a year or two of use, and maybe sooner. Therefore, when choosing, do not rush, carefully consider the main elements of the grill, remove the grates, get to the burners; open / close the lid, cabinet doors several times; pull on the side seats; roll it on wheels by the lid handle, turn the burner knobs. Such an active test will allow you to understand how thoroughly the grill is made. But if you do not have the opportunity to personally conduct such tests, you order via the Internet, call us 8-800-100-39-77 (free call within Russia) and we will conduct a video consultation, show all the features of the model you are interested in. We will not hide or embellish anything.

Thoughtful gas grills are made from solid steel, often the more durable 304 grade. Correct, symmetrical grill lines, carefully polished welds, easy-to-close doors - pay attention to these moments. A double-walled lid is a great solution, as it retains heat better in the oven and prevents the outer surface of the grill lid from yellowing from constant heat.

Napoleon Prestige P-500

Special attention deserves the work of Napoleon in the high price segment. The top Prestige series opens with the Napoleon Prestige P-500, which is available in steel and black. Powerful grill (25.7 kW) of the most popular size, designed for 4-6 people (grid 71x46 cm).

In our opinion, this is the most optimal model in the Napoleon range in the high price segment in terms of cost, performance, manufacturability. Its balance is manifested in the external outlines and design. Over the years, its various elements have been refined. For example, the burner control knobs have changed shape. And in 2019, the R-500 handles were backlit with the Safety Glow function: when the burner is on, the handle is illuminated in soft red, when it is turned off - azure (powered by three large round batteries).

There used to be compartments for bottles with sauces and spices on the front of the side tables. Some time ago, they were removed, apparently for the sake of design, and to differ from competitors. The side seats have become a strict streamlined shape; on their ends there are hooks, slightly rounded handrails, on which you can hang a towel. They repeat the curve of the long handle that is on the grill lid. The right side seat can be folded down if necessary. This makes the grill more compact to store.

The handles on the cabinet doors also received a bend to maintain the overall style.

The shape of the high double-walled lid has remained unchanged, which allows you to cook even very large ingredients both on the grill and on any branded accessories. Moreover, its shape was taken as the basis for the design of the lid for the grills of the Rogue series.

It should be noted that the black Napoleon Prestige P-500 grill has a single-walled lid. The manufacturer claims that the physical properties of the black color retain heat as well as the double-walled lid of the unpainted stainless steel model.

The grill oven is made of die-cast aluminum for better heat retention. The undulating grating is made of stainless steel, its rod with a diameter of 7 mm is very close in terms of heat transfer to cast iron.

The large conical fat pan is pulled out from the front of the grill if it needs to be cleaned. This is a convenient solution, as there is no need to move the grill away if it is against a wall to reach the fat pan from behind. From the large fat pan that covers the entire area under the burners, the fat/juice is drained into a small aluminum tray, which is then simply thrown away with the contents.

In the back of the oven there is an infrared burner for a skewer (it is sold separately). On it you can bake a delicious chicken or a large piece of meat. Use the special skewer attachment to barbecue, while the spit basket attachment cooks french fries, other tender vegetables or even chicken wings evenly.

On the left side of the Prestige P-500 is a ceramic infrared steak burner. Its cast-iron grate has two options for location. The first is almost on the same level with the surface of the table, which provides a stronger heat. This option allows you to make steaks, but you need to get used to it. Users note that with such a small distance to the burner itself, it is not always possible to track in time the moment when the steak needs to be turned over. He burns. But at this level, you can cook in steel or cast iron cookware, as long as the handles are not wooden or plastic, as they can be damaged.

The second option - a cast-iron grate is installed in other special holes and the gap between it and the burner increases. It's the perfect heat for "sealing" a steak.

In the cabinet below, a 18.2 l cylinder is installed in a special niche for it on the right side; and on the left there is space to place some accessories.