I tried to open books in vertical mode, since during work I often have to refer to various textbooks and reference books.


Computer Monitor Vertical Business Model Generation
2022 Computer Monitor Vertical - how to choose?

But in fact, I focus on a certain section of code - no more than 20 lines, and all the rest only interfere with me. Lines of code are usually short and completely, without hyphenation, fit on the screen even in portrait orientation.

But this turned out to be inconvenient - I like to read books more like spreads, and the horizontal orientation of the screen is suitable for this. For watching videos or movies, the portrait mode of the monitor is also not suitable.

From time to time I look for a new use for a vertical monitor. For example, I test sites in different browsers in different modes. When the eye is blurred, it helps to look at your work from a slightly different angle using Computer Monitor Vertical.

Computer Monitor Vertical

Sometimes I use a vertical monitor as a third screen to display server streaming information. I write code on a laptop, I test on the second horizontal monitor, and on the third, vertical monitor, I monitor running processes. But in fact, I don’t need all this too much - two horizontal screens are quite enough for everyday work. So far, I can’t imagine why the portrait mode will be really indispensable. Maybe I'm missing something?

At first I hated everything

UX designers use the standard horizontal layout, so turning the screen was an overwhelming pain. First, you must tell your computer to flip the screen. After that, you need to configure the screen cropping tool. By the way, if you don't have it, try Magnet, which can split the screen into three parts and send windows to their places using hotkeys.

Other joys pop up when the vertical transformation is performed. Windows don't always resize and crop content correctly. Many applications use landscape orientation, so your workspace is limited. This applies to aspiring videographers with camera phones who forget to turn their device upside down while filming – a nod to the widescreen world: Wiki as an example.

However, I was enthusiastic and to make it all work, I decided to start optimizing my space.