Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist the sexiest profession of the century a few years ago. Since then, her "sexuality" has only grown, and the need for specialists is increasing exponentially.


Getting to know Data Science: from beginner to specialist Business Model Generation
In 2016, Data Scientist was ranked in the Top 25 Best Jobs in the United States by Glassdoor.

The trend is also spreading to Russia, although not on such a large scale. However, the need for qualified personnel is still growing.

Who is Data Scientist

To understand who a Data Scientist is, you first need to define the profession itself. It is called Data Science. Recently, the term has become very popular, and you can often meet it, surfing the world wide web - see python workshop/ for example.

So, Data Science is working with big data. Note that the term "big data" is already firmly rooted, although initially the English version was used - Big Data. Big data is huge amounts of unstructured information that requires mathematical statistics and machine learning to process.

The specialist who does this is called the Data Scientist. Its task is to analyze big data, on the basis of which it is possible to make a forecast, depending on the task at hand. In the long run, the final product of Data Scientist is the creation of a predictive model - an algorithm for promptly finding the most suitable solution to a given problem.

You might not know, but you meet with the results of the work of specialists in the field of Data Science several times a day. For example, when listening to music on YouTube Music, Spotify, or Deezer. These streaming services use algorithms written by data scientists to select songs that best suit your taste preferences. Also, the videos themselves are recommended in the corresponding services and lists of users with whom you may be familiar on social networks.

Where Data Scientist Works

If you don't want to use your skills just to help people find classmates faster and teach software to recommend listening to Eisbrecher after Rammstein - don't worry. There are many more areas in which you can apply your talents.

For example, in a transport company, Data Scientist allows you to find the optimal route of movement, and in production, the created models can help predict disruptions in work. Data Scientists help insurance companies calculate the probability of an insured event, and in agriculture they make a forecast for the harvest and look for ways to make the most efficient use of agricultural land. In addition, based on algorithms in medicine, the equipment can automatically diagnose patients.

Despite the fact that there are more and more specialists in Data Science, the number of highly qualified personnel still does not match the demand for them. This leads to an increase in wages. The salary depends on the work experience. For example, a good specialist with experience in the United States can earn over $ 130,000 a year, i.e. about $ 11,000 a month.

To complete the course, students will have enough school knowledge, and the online university will provide all the necessary resources and tools (i.e., Python). As part of the program, students will be introduced to neural networks and machine learning technologies.

In the second quarter, students continue to study Python libraries for Data Science, as well as begin solving combinatorial problems, learn methods for testing statistical hypotheses, and become familiar with the features of open data. In the third quarter, you will have to pay attention to mathematics. Within three months, you need to study in detail the mathematical aspects of algorithms that are used in Data Science.


In general, Data Scientist is a profession that requires both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Moreover, it is unlikely that you will be able to get by with the experience of only one profession. It takes a lot of effort and time to master Data Scientist, but it should pay off in the long run.

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