Need a similar monitor but with G-Sync? Alas, you will have to drop to 144 Hz and pay about $200 more for the Acer Predator XB271HAb. Is the TN+Film matrix straining again? Then the only more or less worthy option is the Samsung C27FG73FQI on *VA, for which you won't have to overpay much.


Gaming monitor under 300 Business Model Generation
2022 update: Gaming monitor under 300 - choosing the best gaming monitor

If your budget is limited when upgrading your gaming space, it's best to invest in a more powerful graphics card or console first, and only then choose based on the real capabilities of the new system.

HDR is either good or not

High dynamic range technology HDR is very much loved by marketers. The idea is simple: bright scenes are brighter, dark ones are darker, there are more shades and midtones between them. An HDR image looks more saturated and "full" due to the fact that more details are preserved in the shadows and highlights of the image.

To display HDR, you need the right source, monitor, and of course the content.

HDR standards for content and monitors are different.

Movies on Blu-Ray

Movies on Blu-Ray and streaming services are labeled HDR10, HDR10+ or ​​Dolby Vision. The more advanced HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats have limited backwards compatibility with HDR10 and can be played back on older HDR TVs with a limited palette.

The latest version of DP 1.4 presented is relevant exclusively for high-speed UHD 4K models with a frequency of 120-144 Hz and full HDR support thanks to the multi-zone backlight system. For simpler models, DP 1.4 will not provide any advantages over the remaining most popular DP 1.2/1.2a.

The HDMI interface is in most cases installed by manufacturers to connect game consoles and third-party players. Its version 1.4/1.4b will only be enough for medium-speed Full HD solutions (no higher than 144 Hz), while HDMI 2.0 will introduce limitations in the form of a maximum of 144 Hz for WQHD and 100 Hz for UWQHD. Only AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technology is supported with HDMI. Nvidia G-Sync requires DisplayPort 1.2 or higher.

One of the most modern connectivity options - USB Type-C - is starting to appear in more and more new products, but it should be taken only as a nice addition. Its capabilities are quite limited, so manufacturers are counting on 60-75 Hz, without the support of any adaptive clock technology.

The next level is IPS solutions with a vertical frequency of 100 Hz. Here you should choose from Acer Predator X34P and Dell Alienware AW3418DW. These manufacturers have different warranty policies (Dell delivers a courier with a new copy in case of a defect), the appearance is very different, the factory setting is poor, but Acer can easily change it for the better without a full calibration. The built-in speaker system on an Alienware monitor is unlikely to be a determining factor, but the quality of workmanship and the rigor of a competitor can put a bullet in the question of choice.

UHD 4K (3860×2160)

4K models with high vertical refresh rates can be treated differently. Some were waiting for them like manna from heaven, while others believe (and performance tests confirm this) that there is no point in them and will not be until GPU manufacturers raise the bar for the speed of their graphic solutions by 2-3 times from the current indicators.

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