While white label solutions with some customization dominate the market, without a unique UX/UI design and customizable functionality you will never get a large market share.


How to create a betting website? Business Model Generation
If you lack the technical skills to create an online sports betting platform, you can always turn to a specialist software development company.

However, this is a complicated approach to creating an online sports betting website. Outsourcing the design and development gives you less control over the completion of the project. It is also an expensive and time-consuming process - platform development can take months.

Buy or build?

Anyone who has worked on building a digital platform has faced the dilemma: buy or build. The choice, of course, will depend on the business and the goals you want to achieve.

Real-time calculation

Real-time settlement is a great way to increase user engagement on your site. It keeps players coming back when money is transferred in real time.

Betting statistics and analytics

Betting statistics and analytics help players find patterns, gain information and allow them to develop better betting strategies. History functions provide players with a complete list of their bets and keep them up to date.

User Profiles

User Profiles allow players to customise their profiles and keep track of all the important activities and updates related to their favourite events.

In addition, gambling creates certain obstacles that need to be carefully considered before making a final decision on how to set up a sports betting website that will gain popularity in an ever-growing market. The historical reality of sports betting in the United States, with punters opting for offshore sites due to a lack of local presence, is one major obstacle.

Another problem is that the general population in the United States is unfamiliar with the types of alternative betting, in addition to the problems of complying with interstate betting laws for online and mobile solutions.

White Label Product

The White Label solution is a platform created by one company and available to a large number of other businesses. The platform provider develops and licenses the white label and the operators use the basic licence to run their business.

In general, if you have a limited budget, it is a good option for launching your website. However, for operators who buy white label products, in most cases a predefined design and layout is provided, although some flexibility may be given.

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Do-it-yourself coding of the platform

You can create the basic features of an online betting platform if you have the technical expertise and development skills.

Developing the platform includes designing the website interface, choosing the theme and look of the betting, and having full control over the types of games you provide on the betting platform.

However, developing an online sports betting platform is a complex process that involves a lot of technology, so it is almost impossible to create one yourself unless you have your own development team.

Partnering with a game provider

This is by far the easiest approach to creating an online sports betting platform. By creating the website the way you want it, you can take advantage of the resources and skills of the game provider.

The game provider's designers and developers can help you customize the finished product to make it look modern and great. Some SaaS providers can provide a ready-to-go betting website in just a few days, which is a good deal because it saves a lot of time and you can focus on marketing instead.