Incorporation of a new company in Cyprus takes several weeks. To reduce the waiting time, you can buy a ready-made company in Cyprus.


How to incorporate in Cyprus Business Model Generation
2023 How to incorporate in Cyprus: full guide

How is the registration procedure and what documents are needed for this

  • registration of the name of the company is carried out in the state register;
  • it is necessary to provide information about the founders (copies of passports, certificates of residence);
  • it is necessary to provide the articles of association of the company with the authorized capital, the type of activity to be carried out; the rights of shareholders;
  • give the indication of the legal address and bank account;
  • provide certificates, the composition of the founders, the names of directors and registered office.

The whole procedure of company registration takes from 15 to 30 days. If you pay 100 euros for urgency, the whole procedure takes from 3 to 6 days:

After registering a company, you will receive:

  • A copy of the articles of association of the company;
  • Company registration certificate;
  • Set of certified copies bearing the apostille;
  • certificate of directors;
  • a certificate of address;
  • certificate of shareholders.

You will receive the documents after the payment of the fee of 220 euros. Also, you can immediately make a seal of the company on the approved sample.

Every year you have to pay a registration fee of 350 euros. You must hold a meeting of shareholders within 18 months after receipt of the registration of the company.

Attention! All new companies in Cyprus are required to comply with the requirements for the real economic presence (business) in the territory of the Republic.

Opening a bank account

When you have received the complete incorporation documents, you need to open a bank account. The bank will explain to you what paperwork you need to prepare and how to fill it out. The process is a bit lengthy. From the moment you open the account to the time when you start using the company account in full, it takes about 7 to 14 working days, depending on the bank you choose.

Company Tax Registration

Your company must be registered with the Tax Office. Registration is free of charge. The procedure itself is not complicated, it takes 1-2 days. In the tax department you must provide:

  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation and certificates;
  • A copy of the articles of incorporation;

After registration you receive a taxpayer identification number. You can also register your business as a VAT payer free of charge at the tax office.