The French crossed English Bulldogs with the now extinct Spanish Bulldogs. They were also called "Alans" and used in battles, but not with each other, as in England, but set against bulls. By the way, in the modern breed standard, the Alans are listed as one of the ancestors of the French Bulldogs.


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How to train a french bulldog

The French Bulldog belongs to the group of decorative dogs and small companion animals. He has a kind nature. But the ancestors, who were fighting animals, greatly influenced his appearance. These pets are very strong, the iron grip of the jaws is almost impossible to unclench, they have a powerful strong physique, fearless and almost insensitive to pain. But despite this, the French Bulldog is friendly, non-aggressive and sociable. This pet will become a devoted companion and friend, and its small size allows you to keep it in a city apartment. To make a decision to start such a breed, you need to study its history, character traits and appearance.

Despite their origin and ferocious appearance, these animals are very good-natured and sociable, as explained here french bulldogs for sale. This is a decorative dog, suitable for keeping in a city apartment. Does not require special care, easily gets along with all family members and with other animals.

But the breed has disadvantages, such pets are not suitable for everyone. They are very sociable and do not tolerate loneliness, because of it they can become aggressive. Therefore, it is better not to start such a breed for people who are at work all day. The French Bulldog is also not suitable for a person who loves perfect cleanliness. Many of the minuses include the fact that they shed, can drool, often suffer from flatulence. Puppies need to be trained with patience and perseverance. After all, these dogs are smart, but very stubborn and independent.

History of the breed

For French Bulldogs, the history of the breed began in the 19th century in England. The goal of the breeders was to create a companion dog, a guard and a rat hunter for keeping in an urban environment. They crossed English bulldogs with pugs, terriers and other decorative pets. For breeding, only the smallest representatives of the breeds were used. Dogs appeared, which were bred by artisans to hunt rats.

At the end of the 19th century, the French bulldog breed came to France. Her unusual appearance, mischievous disposition and good-natured character are the reason for her popularity. She became fashionable in high society. Thanks to this, the French Bulldog has spread throughout the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were recognized as a separate breed and classified as decorative dogs. They became especially popular in America.