85% of people use social media without goals. I was consulting for a client that wanted to quit social media because he wasn't getting results. I probed and found he didn't have goals set. How can you get as much value as possible from the time and resources you put into social media ?


Kayode Abbas Reveals Why You Should Set Goals Via Social Media for Your Business Business Model Generation
Kayode Abbas is a social media expert and in this post he shares how social media is a powerful tool and how ways we can make money off it

By setting social media goals. Here are goals that would help you get results from social media and how to measure them:

1. Use social media to Increase brand awareness. The average person uses social media 2 hours everyday, social media is the best place to grab their attention and increase your reach. You can measure brand awareness by your number of followers, reach of your posts, mentions, shares and RTs.

2. Drive visitors to your website or blog, to turn them into your customers. Measure the clicks on your social media posts, how many visitors are coming from your social media channels, bounce rate of social media traffic and social media's share of your overall traffic.

3. Use social media to generate new leads and increase sales. Social ads are the best strategy to increase sales and leads. You can track your social media goals with Google Analytics free of charge. Anything worth doing is what doing well.