A mid-range model with one of the best and most accurate fish finder in its class, a GPS sensor and a large 7-inch screen. Other features include the Quickdraw Contours software for creating custom maps up to 8,000 square meters. km, which will be stored in the fish finder memory.


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Deeper Smart fish finder CHIRP+

Deeper CHIRP+ is the world's first castable GPS and Wi-Fi fish finder using CHIRP technology. Three scan rates, perfect clarity and extreme accuracy make this fish finder a unique tool for quickly finding your favorite fish species, locating predators and schools of fish, and fishing at critical depths. CHIRP+ provides a strategic advantage by allowing you to fish more, faster and more efficiently.


  • three beams;
  • portable design;
  • food - from batteries / accumulators;
  • operating temperature - from -20 to 40 ° C.


  • High accuracy.
  • Availability of GPS.
  • The ability to change the beam - from wide to very narrow.
  • Compact.


  • Intermittent loss of connection.

It really helps the fisherman, and also, if you are going to take it, figure out how to read the readings correctly, and you will profit (check this manual as well https://emergesocial.net/best-fish-finder/). I found it more convenient without fish icons.

Fish finder manufacturers

When choosing a manufacturing company, you need to be careful: not everyone is able to present high-quality products. Below is a list of the best companies that are considered reliable and perform their functions well, both in the opinion of many reviewers and in the opinion of ordinary users:


Deeper is a company that manufactures different types of fish finders that are suitable for professionals and amateurs. They perform their functions perfectly. Distinctive features of the products of this brand are increased power, an installed GPS sensor and an optimal signal range. On average, it sends a signal at a depth of one hundred meters.


Lowrance is a company that manufactures fish finders for all types of fishing. The cost of Lawrence brand products refers their company to the middle price segment, and a large selection of various models allows you to choose the most suitable one. Often the warranty is given for two years, but the device usually lasts much longer. The fish finders are equipped with a high brightness display, showing a well-designed picture.

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