Is it harmful or not to smoke vape without nicotine?


Is it harmful to vaporize a wipe without nicotine? Business Model Generation
E-cigarette smoking is gaining more and more popularity…

E-cigarette smoking is gaining more and more popularity. In the advertising slogans of any Vapour Store each time it is stated that wipes do not cause any harm to human health. And as for smokers with great experience, they generally feel good - an excellent opportunity to quit smoking. So what is vaping, what are the benefits and harms of it, how much vapers, vapes, vapes risk their health and the health of the people around them.

Of course, it is not worth comparing the dangers of wipes and traditional tobacco-based products, which simply pose colossal problems. However, the harmlessness of wipes raises doubts, is there really nothing dangerous for the human body there? It is necessary to understand this and understand whether there is any harm to the vape and what it is.

Is it harmful to soar nicotine-free wipes?

The question is often asked whether it is harmful or not to smoke vape without nicotine? Almost all vipers claim that they started using such devices only because they wanted to get rid of nicotine addiction. The desire to get rid of the addiction is really commendable and the point here is not only nicotine, which simply kills the human body. When tobacco burns, it emits tar, which is extremely harmful, it is because of them that the human body accumulates many carcinogenic substances. But electronic cigarettes do not have all this, so is a wipe harmful if it uses nicotine-free liquid?

This often becomes the cause of cancer, while not only the respiratory tract, as many people believe, but also the organs of the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system are affected. If we talk about the wipe, then it does not bring such harm to health. But then, what is harmful to vape and is it harmful to wipe in all cases?

You can fill the wipe with different liquids - which contain nicotine and which do not. Smokers often replace traditional cigarettes with wipes in order to reduce the level of negative effects on the respiratory system, in particular, on the lungs. But, if a wiper uses a liquid that contains nicotine, then there is no question of getting rid of nicotine addiction, while the risk that there will be heart problems soon increases. Here, the harm from a wipe is obvious, but how harmful is smoking such cigarettes for health in other respects?

If a person has not smoked cigarettes, then he can smoke a wipe without nicotine liquid without prejudice to his health. But in this case, there is still harm from vaping, especially if you steam it often and in large quantities. This is the statement of scientists who are studying vaping, its harm and benefits to human health. That is, smoking a wipe is harmful in any case, if you smoke a wipe without nicotine, then it is harmful if its consumption is excessive.

But even in nicotine-free wipes, there is a danger. The fact is that the filling liquid contains all sorts of flavors. Such flavors contain a component called diacetyl, which, when consumed, can provoke bronchiolitis obliterans. That is, there is no doubt about the harm of vaping.

Such a serious ailment can provoke pneumonia, narrows the airways, and promotes scarring. But flavors are not the only cause of this disease. The fact is that the liquid contains acetoin and pentanedione. Suffice it to say that 47 of the 51 most popular flavors contain these harmful components. It is clear that flavors that are used to fuel wipes cannot be completely safe, even if they do not contain nicotine. But the trouble is that a considerable number of vipers consider such a danger to be imaginary and continue to float electronic cigarettes. Therefore, there is harm from the wipe and it is considerable.

Is it harmful to others?

Is vaping harmful to the people around you? In Russia, the fight against smoking traditional cigarettes has been going on for a long time and not without success, smoking in public places is prohibited, the fines are rather big, and the number of places inaccessible to smokers is constantly growing. But, as far as wipes are concerned, there are no prohibitions here yet. Although in certain countries the relevant amendments have already been made to the legislation, and now there are bans on smoking wipes in public places in full force. But whether vaping is harmful to others - this issue has been actively discussed lately. There are very different opinions about harm, harm, harm to others, which are very often directly opposite.

But as far as such measures are justified, is it harmful to vape in public places? How harmful the vapor exhaled by vipers is for others, especially if they include pregnant women, children and people who have problems with the respiratory tract. As for children, it is not even discussed here - their body is just being formed, so there can be nothing good for them from such an external influence. Of course, the harm to the health of adults is less, but it is also there. Such a habit is also harmful for adolescents.