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Hollywood's most promising actress: what do we know about Oscar nominee and rising star Florence Pugh.

24-year-old British actress Florence Pugh has not yet gained wide popularity, but has already managed to attract the attention of not only viewers, but also film critics. This year she was among the nominees for the Oscar - the actress is presented in the category "Best Supporting Actress" for her role in the film "Little Women" (Little Women). Before that, she also had several notable roles that brought her fame and opened the way to Hollywood. On the eve of the main film award of the world, we get to know her better. She is also known for private hot shoots - see Florence Pugh nude leaked photos here (Florence Pugh) https://tiktok.com/leaked-florence-pugh-nude-caught-on-camera/.

Biography and education

Florence Pugh was born on January 3, 1996 in Oxford. Her father Clinton was in the restaurant business, and her mother Deborah, a professional ballerina, taught choreography. She spent three years of her childhood in Andalusia, Spain, where she attended school in Sotogrande. The Pugh family was forced to move to the south of Europe - the girl suffered from asthma, and her parents decided that the warm climate would help her cope with the disease.

"Even though we moved there for such a reason, I remember my childhood as very happy: I swam naked in the sea, rode a bike in just shorts and bargained with the owner of a candy store", she says.

Then the family returned to England, and Florence continued her education at the private Wychwood School, and then entered St. Edward's School, Oxford, graduates of which were Emilia Clarke and Laurence Olivier.

Florence has an older brother, Toby Sebastian, who starred in the Game of Thrones series as Tristan Martell, and two sisters: older Arabella Gibbins and younger Rafaella Pugh, who also connected life with the acting profession.


Florence made her film debut in 2014 when she was 18 years old, starring in The Falling with Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

She got her first role, being completely unknown. Watching her older brother go through numerous auditions and rarely receive offers, she felt out of place and was not sure that she could even become an actress.

"In general, I thought that it makes no sense for me to give the audition tape to the casting. But on the last day I was due to deliver it, my mother asked me if I had made a record," she recalls. So, a few days later, she received an email in which the director told her that he wanted to meet her.

In the mystical film, she played a pupil of a boarding school named Abby, who suddenly begins to faint, and then dies after another such attack. Success was not long in coming - critics praised the actress's performance, and soon she was invited to the United States to shoot in the television series Studio City, where she starred with Heather Graham and Eric McCormack.

"This was great news. I was invited to the series with Hollywood stars! "- she shared her impressions.

Alas, the project did not last long, and it was closed.

Another picture with the participation of Florence was the British film "Lady Macbeth" (Lady Macbeth) - an adaptation of the story of the Russian classic Nikolai Leskov "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District", in which she starred. The picture, in which Pugh played a girl named Katherine, who married an unloved man twice her age and then fell in love with a young farm worker, won the San Sebastian Film Festival and received the European Film Academy Award, as well as several nominations for other prestigious awards.

However, the film received mixed reviews. Some puritans criticized the actress for being too naked in the frame, and accused her of trying to build a career thanks to such scenes.

Pugh herself said that she liked to act nude, because it was thanks to these scenes that she was able to become more confident in herself.

I liked that my character was naked. At the time, I felt like shit because of the way I looked, but this movie made me feel confident, she explained.

Among her other notable film credits are the series Marcella, The Little Drummer, and the films Midsommar and The Commuter.

Last year, Greta Gerwig directed The Little Women, in which she starred with Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Timothée Chalamet and other stars.

In the film, based on the novel by American writer Louisa May Alcott, Florence played one of the Merch sisters, Amy.

I knew there was no other person who could do this but Florence. It just says on her face that she is a movie star, but with all this, she is also a wonderful character actress, she explained her choice for the role of Amy Gerwig.

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