We were surprised by how fast does Yanet Garcia account grow. And there is a reason for it!. Today we'll talk about a really outstanding Internet personality. What will happen in 2023?


Yanet Garcia and her way to success Business Model Generation
Why Yanet Garcia leaked photos make fans so crazy?

Childhood and youth

Many fans are interested in the biography of Yanet Garcia, especially previously unknown facts from her personal life. The future star was born in 1990 in Monterrey, Mexico. Yanet was educated as a journalist. After shooting music videos for Mexican stars and participating in numerous beauty contests, she began working as a model. The girl prefers to withhold information about her parents and childhood. It is known that Janet is of Mexican nationality. The girl's mother's name is Annie Sanmiguel. The celebrity also has a beloved younger sister Alondra. Since the age of 16, Yanet has devoted all her time to a modeling career and in 2013 she participated in the famous beauty pageant Miss Nuevo Leon. Important biographical data: Date of birth: 11/14/1990; Full name: Yanet Cristal García San Miguel; Place of birth: Monterrey; Occupation: Journalist, Model, Businesswoman; Actual place of residence: New York, USA.

Career achievements

A popular Mexican weather presenter and photo model, Yanet Garcia wasn't always in such high demand. Immediately after receiving her degree, the girl was offered an interesting and well-paid job in television. Yanet's first job was an inconspicuous one: a weather presenter for the local television channel Televisa Monterrey. At the time no one would have guessed that such short appearances of a girl on the screen would bring her enormous fame. Stylists tried to find the most incredible tight and bright outfits for Yanet. The girl would stand sideways to the camera, so viewers could fully appreciate the chic curve of her waist and hips. Pretty soon the whole country was watching these episodes. Janet has 11 million followers on Instagram. On YouTube, the girl's channel is called iamYanetGarcia.

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Balanced diet and sports

Janet said that by nature she isn't inclined to be overweight, but she had to drastically change her diet to get the results she wanted. Now she eats more protein and vegetables. On weekends Janet can afford to eat some junk food. Most of all she likes Mexican and Italian food. Thanks to a healthy diet, all the gruelling workouts and difficult exercises in the gym make sense and have a positive effect.

Janet has repeatedly shown her fans some examples of simple exercises that can be done at home. But let's not forget that correct technique is essential for any physical activity. There are limitations for some people, as exercise is contraindicated in serious illnesses.

To perform full squats Janet used to use an elastic band, which is fixed on the hips. In this way it is possible to significantly increase the load on the muscles. In order to use more muscles, you can use an object, which is not too heavy, to be lifted with outstretched arms above your head.

Life of a TV presenter today

Now Janet continues to tell her viewers about the weather and is not going to give up this activity as it gives her pleasure. She belongs to the category of the most popular and well-paid journalists. Garcia's accumulated wealth over the years is estimated at $3 million. Janet has topped Playboy magazine's list of the world's sexiest TV presenters. Last year the model posed for the in-demand Mexican Men's Magazine. The glossy cover featured a rather candid shot of Yanette in luscious lingerie. The girl is interested in the topic of self-improvement, so in her spare time she reads a lot of relevant books. In the near future Yanet plans to complete a make-up course. She is very serious and responsible to this art, as she never appears in public without high-quality make-up and stylish hair. Besides that, Garcia dreams to learn all the subtleties of hairdressing and to become a qualified stylist. The girl loved acting in the movies, so she plans to be an actress.